About Quantum Medical Concepts

Quantum Medical Concepts, founded by the Michigan State Medical Society, provides early-stage investment funding to Michigan companies in the medical sector. It is made up of several health care organizations driving medical innovation in Michigan.

Our business model is unique—in addition to investing up to $250,000 in startup funding, we provide access to thousands of medical professionals and active management support for our portfolio companies. This allows us to quickly identify and support products and companies that have a high likelihood of success.

Through our proven startup management process and commitment to being forward-thinking, energetic, and dedicated, Quantum portfolio companies have a clear advantage.

Meet the Team

Ben Louagie headshot

Ben Louagie

Managing Director

Benjamin J. Louagie has over 15 years of experience in the healthcare field. In 2008 Ben assumed the position of Director of Subsidiary Operations for the Michigan State Medical Society’s Physician Holding Company and in 2009 he was appointed Chief Operating Officer for the Michigan State Medical Society. In this role, Ben provides oversight and management of the business operations of Michigan State Medical Society as well as multiple subsidiaries including Quantum Medical Concepts. Ben received a Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and a Master’s Degree from Central Michigan University.

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Tom Stewart headshot

Tom Stewart

Portfolio and Community Relations

Tom Stewart is a professional manager and business coach, with primary expertise in organizational design and operational strategy. Over the last decade, he has provided consultation to over 50 organizations in a wide range of industries – the majority of which were new or small companies. Tom has also worked on transition teams for larger organizations such as Neogen Corporation, Demmer Corporation, the State of Michigan, and Michigan State University. In the last three years alone, Tom’s efforts have resulted in nearly $7M in new client revenues and 60 new jobs in the Capitol Region.

By providing management, tools and resources, Tom helps entrepreneurs make the most of the innovation they already possess – transforming their ideas into profitable, sustainable, and socially responsible organizations.

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