Airway Innovations was founded in 2016 to address the unmet needs of respiratory clinicians. The leading product is TubeTrac™ an advanced endotracheal tube holder that provides superior pull force resistance to prevent unplanned extubations. The patented design makes TubeTrac the only device available that clips to the tube connector, transferring pull force to the patient’s head.

TubeTrac has greater adjustability to assist with oral care, and allows tube repositioning to prevent lip ulcers. All of these features increase a hospital’s quality of care indicators and standard of patient care. Airway Innovations is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Alerje is developing a Proactive Patient Engagement platform to improve the lives of the more than 220M impacted worldwide by food allergies. The company is building an IoT enabled smartphone case that holds a slim epinephrine auto-injector that alerts 911 dispatchers, parents, & more during emergency usage. The platform includes a mobile app designed to improve patient behavior. 

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A new suite of products that will improve intubation success rates are one step closer to market, thanks to a partnership between Brio Device, LLC and Quantum Medical Concepts.

Brio’s suite of products are intended to improve intubation success rates for planned and emergent intubations, minimizing reliance on clinician skill for success. These have four critical elements to assist users in locating the trachea and maneuvering the endotracheal tube.

  1. Steer: articulating tip with thumb‐controlled steering, angle of articulation to navigate upper airway anatomy
  2. Visualize: see key anatomy landmarks using miniature camera
  3. Recognize: image recognition software to distinguish anatomy
  4. Verify: placement confirmation of endotracheal tube

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A new, cost-saving shoulder implant requiring 50 percent fewer instruments and fewer steps during surgery will be more available to patients than ever before, thanks to Shoulder Innovations and Quantum Medical Concepts.

Shoulder Innovations, LLC is a medical device development company which designs and commercializes innovative products that demonstrate the potential for improved patient care and reduced overall cost to the healthcare system. Leveraging its breakthrough, patented, inset glenoid design, Shoulder Innovations is commercializing a shoulder replacement implant focused on improving outcomes related to the greatest cause of shoulder replacement failure, glenoid loosening. The inset technology reduces micro-motion by up to 87 percent, reducing inflammation and complications.

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Surgeons bring mobile devices into the surgical field for two main reasons: to capture media used for educating other surgeons and residents and use mobile medical applications. Using these non-sterile devices presents a significant infection risk to patients; however, thanks to SteriDev, LLC, a medical device company, and Quantum Medical Concepts, development of CleanCase, a sterile case for mobile devices, will soon become a reality.

CleanCase by SteriDev is an advanced solution that will allow surgeons to safely use mobile devices in the surgical field. It is built on a combination of established operating room techniques and novel technologies that uses a disposable sleeve through which the device is passed. Once the mobile device is secured in the device-specific case, the sleeve is discarded, and the case is closed and ready to use.

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The Patient Company was founded in 2019 to help healthcare systems and employees have access to the best products, devices, and technology that can be developed in the U.S. The Patient Company believes that these products must be supplied to our healthcare systems without them having to fear a financial burden.  

In short, we create a lifecycle platform for products that make health care systems improve at the organizational level, making clinicians lives better, while reducing the cost passed on to patients. The Patient Company is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI with offices in Traverse City, MI Scottsdale, AZ.

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A new medical device that will improve the way families treat infant jaundice is one step closer to market, thanks to a partnership between TheraB Medical Products Inc. and Quantum Medical Concepts.

TheraB developed the SnugLit Portable Phototherapy Blanket, a wearable swaddle that treats newborn jaundice. Jaundice is caused by a high level of pigment in the blood called bilirubin, which causes the skin to look yellow. A newborn baby's still-developing liver may not yet be able to remove this bilirubin from the blood. TheraB’s swaddle provides the blue light needed to help the newborn break down the bilirubin molecules as the liver develops.

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