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Simply click on the link below to fill out a quick and easy application for up to $250,000 in startup funding, as well as access to thousands medical professionals and active management support. To get started, we will just need to know a few things about the nature of your company, your business concept, the financial characteristics of your business and how much money you are looking to raise.

Apply for Funding

Our Process

Many business owners are experts in their field but do not have the skills or time necessary to devote to running a business. Quantum Medical Concepts help startup companies in the medical sector by providing active management support for the business functions in which the owner does not have the necessary skill sets.

We utilize a proprietary assessment that analyzes your company’s functionality in the nine core functions of business:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Accounting and finance
  • Human resources
  • Business law
  • Operations management and logistics
  • Branding and identify management
  • Strategic communications
  • Product and customer development
  • Organizational leadership

Based on the needs identified by this assessment, we will work with your company through a 24-step program that will help it better define its market, improve its operations and accelerate its growth. This program focuses on six key questions:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What can you do for your customers?
  • How do your customers acquire your product?
  • How does your company make money from your product?
  • How do you design and build your product?
  • How do you scale your business?